5 Tips For Dieting On A Budget

Dieting is hard enough. Dieting on a budget? It can seem even harder.

Unless you can afford a private chef or one of those healthy (pricey) meal delivery services, you may find yourself stressed about budgeting your healthy food.

If you’ve heard the myth that eating junk food is cheaper than eating healthy, know now that it’s not true!

With the right tools and know-how, you can eat healthy and stay on track with your diet and your budget.

5 Top Tips for Dieting on a Budget

Dieting on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. As with any goal, set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Also, if you make a mistake or need to amend your plan- that’s okay too! Keep it realistic and keep moving forward!

1. Plan Ahead

Making a diet plan is beneficial for many of us who are dieting on a budget. It helps you wrap your head around what you need to buy to have food on hand for every meal and healthy snack.

Many people find that a weekly schedule works well for meal planning, prepping, and shopping. If this works for you too, embrace it fully. Planning your meals out ahead of time eliminates waste and can help prevent any temptation to cheat on your diet.

Always clean out your fridge and pantry before you shop. Check expiration dates as well as supply levels of your standards & condiments.

dieting on a budget

2. Shop Sales

When shopping, check for sales. If you can save money by buying in bulk, do it! That is, as long as it’s something that will be used up before the expiration date. Great things to stockpile are grains or produce you can freeze for smoothies.

Check if the stores you shop offer coupons, apps, loyalty programs, or other frequent shopper rewards. These can save you big bucks quick!

3. Don’t Waste

When dieting on a budget, the last thing you want to do is throw away food. Be on top of expiration dates and don’t buy more than you need.

Freeze leftovers for DIY microwavable meals in a pinch. Cut up and freeze produce you might not use up fast enough. Have you ever tried banana ice cream? It will change your life.

4. Don’t Buy Pre-Cut

Cut your own food. Whether it be pre-cut veggies or cuts of meat, it is always cheaper to do the extra labor yourself.

If you like these go-to’s as time savers, then focus on prepping right when you get back from the store. It will likely take less time than you think, and you get the same results ready at hand when it’s time to make a meal or snack!

5. Never Shop Hungry

You will be much more likely to give into impulse buys if you shop hungry. Schedule your shopping after a meal to curb cravings.

That’s it!

See? It can be done! Remember to be your own biggest cheerleader instead of your own biggest critic when it comes to dieting on a budget.

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