7 Diet Benefits of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Have you heard about cold pressed coconut oil yet? If you’re living a healthy lifestyle coconut oil can have a number of benefits for your nutrition and self-care regimen.

Unfortunately, there have been many false claims about coconut oil. As coconut oil is a healthy alternative to unsafe fatty foods there is still some confusion as to the benefits of coconut oil.

But adding coconut oil to your diet isn’t just safe. It can keep you healthy, beautiful and smiling.

Coconut oil keeps you smiling because it’s delicious. Plus, it’s great for healthy bones and teeth.

That’s not even close to everything! We’ve put together 7 benefits from coconut oil that you need in your diet.

Here goes:

1. Weight Loss

Did you know that more than 1/3 of all American’s struggle with obesity?

Coconut oil is a great remedy for obesity. In scientific studies of women with abdominal obesity, including 30ml of coconut oil daily reduced waist circumference. 

Cold pressed coconut oil can help us all become thinner as part of our daily diet.

cold pressed coconut oil

2. Healthy Fat

So many have avoided coconut oil because it is high in fat. They are confused because all fat is not created equal.

Polyunsaturated fat in vegetable oils like corn, canola, and safflower have a direct correlation to heart disease.

But cold pressed coconut oil is different. Coconut oil is made up of saturated fats which are not the same as other types.

And fat is an essential part of weight loss programs. Your body needs healthy fat to lose weight.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

As with the different types of fats, there are different types of cholesterol.

One type of fat can make you healthier. And one type of cholesterol is good for your overall health.

HDL is boosted by taking coconut oil regularly. This good cholesterol lowers LDL.

Your doctor will confirm your cholesterol is in better shape with coconut oil. Your heart will thank you too.

4. Heart Health

Coconut oil can lower your risk of heart attack. The overall benefits of cholesterol and weight loss transfer into heart health as well.

Intake of coconut oil has been shown to lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease in scientific studies.

5. Alzheimer’s Treatment

Studies suggest that coconut oil is an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s patients too!

6. Healthy Bones and a Great Smile!

Since coconut oil is great for overall digestion it helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals. You can increase bone density and the strength and health of your teeth with coconut oil.

7. Anti-Inflammatory

Don’t forget: Coconut oil is delicious.

You can use it on salads, baked dishes, in a stir fry, or in a smoothie.

Plus, it boosts your immune system and it’s an anti-inflammatory.

Research shows coconut oil inhibits inflammation!

All this talk is making us hungry! How about you?

What else can we eat that’s great for us?

Go Beyond Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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