Lose Weight Fast with the 3 Hour Diet

Everyone seems to be on a diet these days.

No-carb this, high-protein that. Pescatarian to vegan, paleo to plant-based, there’s a lot to navigate around.

Aside from what we eat, much of our diets are centered around when we eat.

Are you fasting for a day? Are you practicing the 16:9 intermittent diet? Maybe you’re never having a big meal — but just snacking throughout the day.

The 3-hour diet is just that:

A diet that, above all, revolves around when you eat, as opposed to what you eat.

Whether you’re looking to fit into that pair of skinny jeans or losing weight for health purposes, the 3-hour diet can help.

Let’s take a look at just how.

3 hour diet

No calorie counting

Most diets have you writing down everything that goes into your mouth. It’s time consuming, stressful, and even anxiety producing. The 3-hour diet couldn’t be any more different.

That’s right:

You don’t have to jot down everything you eat.

Most diets have you enslaved to calorie counts. And, by doing so, make you feel like you’re on a diet 24/7. But not the 3-hour diet.

Granted, you can’t just start eating bags of chip, but an occasional chip won’t hurt you.

Stay mindful of what you eat. But you can have your cake and eat it too — in moderation.

Easy to stick to schedule

Many diets can seem all over the place when it comes to when to eat.

This is another area where the 3-hour diet shines.

The basic eating schedule goes as follows:

  • Eat within an hour of rising
  • Enjoy lunch around noon
  • Have a snack at 3 pm
  • Enjoy dinner around 6 pm or 7 pm
  • Stop eating within three hours of bedtime

It’s that simple:

Eat every three hours. Stop eating three hours before bed.

You’re never feeling hungry

Hunger is why most attempts at dieting crumble.

Having that constant, never ending pains in our stomachs is not fun. Or welcome, for that matter.

But, if you’re eating every three hours, those hunger pains seemingly disappear.

When you begin the day, a meal heavy in proteins is recommended. This will help fight off those initial morning cravings.

Also, snacks that consist of either high fiber or is rich in protein are a great idea too. This will help keep you from overeating at meal time.

Then, before you know it, you’re clothes will start feeling loose.

No boxed meals, skip the plastic

Plans like Jennie Craig can help lose weight. But will also lighten your wallet, too.

Because the 3-hour diet doesn’t involve buying any pre-packaged meals, you can eat whatever you want. And save money in the process.

Not only that, but pre-packaged diet plans are hard to commit to long term. Unless you want to eat only microwaved foods the rest of your life.

Also, these boxed meals can have trace elements of BPA.

BPA has been linked to increases in certain cancers and infertility.

So skip the plastic. Eat whole, made to order foods.

Going down the isle guilt free

Because the 3 hour diet doesn’t consist of any dietary restrictions, you don’t have to change our grocery list.

But, like we’ve said before:

This doesn’t give you the liberty to have a bag of chips of lunch. Or a whole cheesecake for dinner.

However, this does mean that you can enjoy your favorite foods. And not feel guilty about doing so.

Go ahead, grab for the pudding cups. Just don’t down them all at once.

Exercise on your own accord

Another perk of the 3 hour diet is that it doesn’t have you slaved to the gym.

While exercise is considered an option, we’d recommend it. Being active and getting into a general workout routine will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Also, working out will help you stay calm throughout out the day.

Because it’s hard to workout on an empty stomach, try eating about an hour before your workout.

If you’re more keen to workout in the morning, have a carb-heavy breakfast.

The same goes for snacking before a workout:

Eat a healthy treat that has a lot of carbs.

After your workout, try to have something rich in protein. Protein helps not only to build muscle mass, but also helps for recovery.

Have a protein laden post-workout snack or meal, and your body will thank you.

Whether it’s running, rowing, or boxing, find a sport or workout you like. And stick to it.

Your swimsuit will thank you.

Be realistic, don’t hurt yourself

You’re not going to lose ten pounds in five days.

Nor should you.

If you follow the principles and guidelines of the 3-hour diet, it’s easy to achieve weight loss.

But remember:

It’s the tortoise that won the race in the end, not the hare.

A more realistic one or two pounds lost per week is completely manageable.

After all, that’s one or two pounds less than you were before.

Curb your cortisol

There’s a reason why being hungry can make you feel stressed out.

And it all has to do with your cortisol levels.

The stress hormone, cortisol spikes occur when blood sugars decline.

The 3 hour diet can curb cortisol levels. Because you’re eating so often, your sugar levels rarely fluctuate. This will leave you feeling not only satiated, but stress-free.

Also, increased cortisol levels are shown to cause fat storage.

Being stressed-out really can make you fat.


Working out can give you peace of mind throughout the day. Part of that tranquility is due to impart to low cortisol levels.

Combine the 3 hour diet with a workout plan, and you’ll feel like a million-bucks. Maybe more.

It doesn’t take that much effort

Unlike most diets, the 3 hour diet doesn’t take too much to stick too.

Allot of diets these days can turn your world upside down. A perfect example of just that are the boxed food diets we already spoke of.

Aside from sticking to the three hour eating blocks, there’s little else to commit to.

Yes, you should aim to eat healthier. Try incorporating more greens and whole grains in your diet. An attempt at cutting back on refined sugars and processed foods.

And remember:

Fast food is an enemy to any waistline.

Don’t over think the 3 hour diet. But, at the same time, be conscious about what you’re eating.

A little effort goes a long way, after all.

Healthy eating is promoted

One of the biggest perks of the 3 hour diet is the fact that it promotes healthy eating.

Because you’re snacking so often, you’re encouraged to only eat healthy foods.

As the saying goes:

Treat your body like a well-oiled machine. Only put the good stuff in.

And that good stuff, like berries and omega-3s, can fuel you throughout the day.

It’s recommended that your lightest meal actually be dinner. Breakfast should be your heaviest.

It’s been shown that sleeping on a full stomach can actually lead increased belly fat. Also, restless sleeping can occur too.

With that said, your evening snack should be something small but substantial. Think maybe a small handful of almonds or piece of fruit. It’s not the time to consume half a pizza.

After all, the better you eat, the better you’ll be.

Flexibility is a plus

Most diets are quite straightforward and rigorous in their approaches.

If you are to deviate from them, you may not see results.

However, with the 3 hour diet, your day to day life can be flexible without sacrificing your diet.

As long as your sticking to the guidelines, you can expect to see results.

Also, this is great for social outings like going out to a restaurant.

Many diets can make it hard, if not impossible to go out to eat with friends. While everyone’s eating a delicious pasta meal, you’re left sipping a diet soda. Or, even worse, tap water with a lemon floating in it.

But the 3 hour diet allows you to go to restaurants without weird restrictions. You can have whatever you want — in moderation.

Craving eggplant parmesan? Order it. Want a breadstick? Take one.

That being said, most restaurant meals serve huge portions. Try eating half there, and box the rest up for later.

You can cut yourself and your drawstring some slack.

Become calorie conscious

While the 3 hour diet doesn’t require calorie counting, you should be calorie conscious.

These are two completely different things.

If you’re only going to choose just one, pick the latter.

To be calorie conscious means to simply be mindful of what food does to your body.

For example:

Two table spoons of peanut butter has about 190 calories in it. A banana has about 110 calories. One piece of sliced bread has around 60 calories.

If it’s recommended you only consume 2,000 calories per day, this will help you stay on track. You’ll learn what foods will fill you up for less calories. And you’ll also become aware of fattening foods that do nothing for you.

Generally speaking, sugary foods are high in calories. And they’ll only leave you hungry for more.

Clean proteins, like fish and white-meat, on the other hand, will fill you up for fewer calories.

Being mindful of your caloric intake will only help you loose weight more efficiently.

Have any questions about the 3-hour diet? Feel free to get in contact with us!

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