Pre Workout Protein Shake Recipes To Curb Your Hunger

How’s your workout routine? If you find yourself fatigued too early at the gym it can put a major damper on your fitness goals.

But getting a balance between your daily calorie goals and the need for energy at the gym can be a challenge. You don’t want to gain weight just to get through an intense workout.

A pre-workout protein shake can be the answer you’re looking for. You can curb your hunger, boost energy, and power through your fitness goals with the right recipes.

Without enough energy, you’ll have slower recovery time and be less likely to do the weight training and cardio you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s help you curb that hunger and reach your fitness goals.

We’ve put together some of our favorite recipes. Let’s get blending:

1. Choco-Coffee

Blend 1/2 cup of nonfat milk with 1/2 of strong coffee, We prefer Cuban espresso for that extra kick!

Include 2 scoops of chocolate flavored whey protein and your favorite flavor of sugar-free pudding. Try the vanilla chocolate swirl.

Add a cup of ice and blend. You’ll be supercharged for your workout.

pre workout protein shake


2. Going Bananas

Add 1 cup of vanilla flavored almond milk to 2 cups of ice. 2 scoops of your favorite whey will keep this protein powered.

Add in 1/2 of a banana and blend. Drop in a mango slice or two if you like a variation.

3. Oatstown

We love peanut butter for the protein and the fat gives a good energy burst. Add in 1/2 cup of oatmeal for a great source of carbs.

With those carbs and fat working, you have the fuel you need. Add in 1 banana and 1 cup of ice to a tablespoon of peanut butter.

4. Bulletproof Burn

You’ve heard of the benefits of bulletproof coffee? How about a bulletproof smoothie?

Add a tablespoon of Kerry Gold grass fed unsalted butter to 1 cup of strong coffee, 2 scoops of casein protein, and 1 cup of ice.

You may even want to add a dash of optional triglycerides.

One of our favorite fit stars, Jonathan Tucker, swears by bulletproof coffee. You’ll be making a smoothie version as you prepare for your newest role being in the best shape of your life.

Try a Splash of Coconut In Your Pre-Workout Protein Shake

Prefer something a bit more tropical? Try a splash of coconut workout shake.

The healthy fats will curb your hunger and coconut oil is proven to accelerate weight loss and promote heart health.

Once you start making pre-workout smoothies, you’ll find there are all sorts of ingredients that can help you make a healthier you.

The Best Recipes and Nutrition Tips

Diet 30 can help you put together the best overall nutrition plan for your healthy lifestyle. Beyond the benefits of a great smoothie for healthy living, we have many suggestions to help you curb hunger throughout the day.

Don’t wait to find out what Diet 30 can do to boost your approach to overall nutrition and healthy living.

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